Awards and Honors

2016 David Wallace Award from the University of Chicago, Department of Statistics, for contributions in applications of Statistics in scientific domains.

Recipient of the Arts, Science \& Culture Graduate Collaboration Grant (2017-2018) (with Lei Sun and Lauren M. Jackson) for work on statistical analysis of news media narratives relating to African American politics and culture.

Co-leader of the voted Best Consulting Project 2017, Department of Statistics, University of Chicago.

A member of Team 161, which ranked \textbf{2nd} in the Psoriasis Sub-challenge and \textbf{3rd} in the overall ranking in the First IMPROVER Challenge: Diagnostic signature.


Invited talk - IASSL International Conference 2017. Colombo, Sri Lanka. December 2017. Topic: Logo Visualizations in sequence modeling and their applications in analyzing ancient DNA damage patterns

Poster presentation - ASHG conference 2017. Orlando, Florida, October 2017. Topic : Logolas: A tool for visualizing enrichment of genetic signature profiles.

Poster presentation - Mind Bytes 2017. University of Chicago, Research Computing Center. Chicago, Illinois. April 2017. Topic : CLUSTERING IN RNA-Seq DATA USING GRADE of MEMBERSHIP MODELS.

Contributed talk - Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). Chicago, Illinois. August 2016. Topic : Model-Based Clustering and Visualization of RNA-Seq Data.

Poster presentation - ASHG conference 2015. Vancouver, Canada. Clustering and visualization of RNA-seq data using grade of membership models. at ASHG 2015.

Contributed talk - Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). Seattle, Washington. August 2015. Topic : Clustering of RNA-Seq Data Controlling for Batch Effects.

Contributed talk - Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). Boston, Massachusetts. August 2014. Topic : On Single Variable Transformation Approach to Markov Chain Monte Carlo.